This is a limited opportunity designed to give you one-on-one attention to help you move forward in your photography journey and become the photographer YOU want to be! You will develop tools to help you with camera basics (exposure, shooting in manual mode, choosing the best lens for the session), choosing a setting and location, working with different lighting situations, posing for authentic moments and storytelling, helping to style your clients, editing, and ANY questions you may have! I will be an open book!

It will include 6 hours of in-person one-on-one time. 2 hours prior getting to know each other, discussing challenges you may be facing, goals you have, and sharing my approach to planning for an upcoming session and preparing for the one we will shoot together. We will then have a family or couple (your preference) scheduled for a 1-2 hour session. You will work side by side along with me and see how I interact with clients, guide movements to create natural and priceless moments, and have a chance to ask questions and direct the clients yourself. To finish up the day, we will grab a bite to eat, go over any questions you have, help you setup short term and long goals, we will also go over the captured images from our session together, and work on a RAW editing workflow. The images are encouraged to be used in your portfolio.

I am looking forward to helping you gain the tools you need to make your photography journey a success!

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